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Terms of Use
  • Welcome to Jebeet.com - B2B Portal. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using this web site. By using this site, you are bound by the terms and conditions below. WWW.JEBEET.COM reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Continuous use of your changes in this ongoing section of WWW.JEBEET.COM means that you accept changes to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not access any pages of this site or contact WWW.JEBEET.COM.
  • By viewing, visiting, using or contacting any banner, pop-up or advertisement appearing on or alongside this website, you agree to all these provisions of this website's usage policy and the privacy policy of this website.
  • Website:
    Jebeet.com website, its agents, owners and operators, by third party suppliers and employees are referred to here as create website.
  • Website Content :
    There is no information and / or information website content published on the website. It may include, its designs, layouts and data posted by registered users, trade leads, leads, trade offers, tender, projects, directories, but It is not limited to just Ads, etc. It may contain content or content of a website posted by a third party.
  • Third party content :
    On our website anonymous users or paid content providers are known by all contributors and / or all content contributed by users and third party content. This includes, but is not limited to, company name, address, contact details, company profile information, trade leads, tender, export-import data, projects, agent leads, catalogs, inquiries, paid right-ups. Content can be changed at any time by the management of this website.
  • Visitors :
    People visiting or visiting this website, deliberately or unknowingly, whether they request or are unsolicited, are described as "visitors" here.
  • Registered Subscribers :
    Registration means that the visitor takes active, positive action to communicate information on this website. The unique login of visitors or companies who make their profile voluntarily on this website is known as Registered Subscribers.
  • Services :
    Any service or subscription provided or provided by this website, the visit or visit provided by this website is commonly known as the Services.
  • Users :
    Registered subscribers, paid subscribers, free subscribers and visitors are collectively referred to as 'user' and / or 'users'. It also includes business entities that can enter into contracts.
  • Agreement : It will be terminated as a term of use. Publishing Information on the Website
Publishing Information on Website
  • As a condition of access to this website - Users agree that any website published on this website will be available publicly to anyone viewing or using this website. Any information submitted by the user will become a special property of the website and without commercial use, without any additional consideration, it can be used without further permission. The user agrees to communicate only that information on the website, which allows the website to be used in any way, regardless of whether it is publicly or otherwise. The user can not claim any rights, including copyright on such information.
  • As such, all users warrant and consent that the information submitted on this website will not:
    • Any national or international law, law, or regulation violation applicable to the website
    • Adult / Sex-related Content or links to such site
    • Include fraudulent information or create fraudulent offers
    • Contains material related to ethnic, racial, political, hatred or otherwise objectionable content
    • Be part of a betrayal plan for other users of the web site or any other unlawful purpose
    • Defamatory, offensive, unlawful threat or unlawful harassment
    • Be obscene or contain any pornography or sex-related commercial content or any other material or guess or otherwise promote sexually explicit material or is harmful to strangers
    • Promote gender, race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or gender discrimination
    • Any content that involves unauthorized advertising or harassment (not limited to spamming), invades privacy of others or encourages conduct that creates a criminal offense, raises civil liability, or violates any other law or regulation
    • Solutions business from any user in relation to commercial activity competing with this website
    • Any computer virus or other destructive devices and codes that include the impact of interfering, preventing or extinguishing any software or hardware system, data or personal information
    • Directly or indirectly link or include description of goods or services described under the existing law
    • Otherwise, create any responsibility for this website or its affiliates
  • Any user his submitted information of your business that violates the agreement will remove the user from the database, block the communication, terminate the services, and act on the user because it is not limited.
General Information
  • There is no involvement in this website in real practice between the buyer and the seller. We do not have any control over the quality, safety or legality of the items that advertise the truth or accuracy of the listings, the seller's ability to actually sell their listed items or the purchaser's ability to actually buy things. Please remember that there are risks to dealing with people you know and there is no control over these risks at jebeet.com.
  • Because this website is not included in transactions between you and other users, you are responsible for jebeet.com and its agents, employees, business and known and unknown, suspect and Unwanted, open and disorganized, linked or linked in any way, complete or incomplete transactions, or o Or indeed of the type of goods sold and the reality of the damage (actual and consequential).
  • This website is a web-based platform where users interact with the website or with each other. Do not play a direct or indirect role of the website between different negotiation / sale / purchase / dealings of different users or their terms and conditions.
  • This agreement does not make a buyer-seller relationship between any partner, joint venture, agency, franchise, employee and any business website.
  • The titles given in this agreement are for reference purposes only and are not defined, limited, fixed or described in the scope or extent of such a section.
Accept privacy policy
  • The user clearly accepts the terms of this website's privacy policy.
  • This website reserves the right to change any condition or terms of the Terms, Conditions of Service, or any other related terms, conditions or policies at any time. Changes will be displayed on the website, no other communication will be sent to visitors / subscribers